Compute For Cancer | One Of A Kind by Marisa Youlden Jewelry
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One Of A Kind by Marisa Youlden Jewelry


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One Of A Kind Jewelry by Marisa Youlden Jewelry

Sugilite Amethyst and Apatite Side Fringe Choker for Compute 

Beautiful high quality Smooth Rondelle Sugilite gemstone beads graduated 7mm-2mm , with 1mm Faceted Black Spinel Gemstone accents make up the Choker section. There is a 30mm long Sugilite Crystal set in matte black Peyote Stitch beadwork at the top of the pendant section. There’s a deep dark African Amethyst Cabochon, 17mm by 21 mm and a Deep Blue Apatite, 23mm by 30mm also set in matte black Peyote Stitch beadwork. The black leather fringe is hand cut from a single hide and has a braided leather closure that can be tied in back or on the side so braids may hang in front for an asymmetrical look. Adjustable fit.